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Our Mission

Our mission is to positively influence a woman’s entire life so she can have a healthier and more fulfilling existence.


We promote women's health by serving as a catalyst through which underserved women and girls may become aware of the physical, socioemotional, fiscal, and spiritual aspects of health and wellness.


Through the journey of self-discovery, practicing self-love, and accepting oneself as a whole person, we push and inspire women to be more than they can dream.

Our Story

Phenomenal Women’s Health (PWH) was founded in 2007 by Cheryl Burnside, a physical therapist, who saw the need to influence the lives of women positively by promoting the importance of living a healthier lifestyle.


We created opportunities for education to women and young ladies through various programs, activities, and sponsorships. Cheryl continues to lead our wonderful group of dedicated individuals who help bring our ideas to life!

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