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Loving Me Phenomenally With Endless Possibilities

Loving Me

In March 2011, Phenomenal Women’s Health Inc. expanded its organizational reach. As PWH staff and volunteers interacted with homeless women in shelters, they realized how a deep-rooted lack of self-esteem, which started in childhood, may have impacted the women’s lives. Through its “Loving Me Phenomenally “program component, the organization developed and began implementing programs for girls, ages 11- 15 years, through a variety of activities designed to provide opportunities for them to learn about and embrace healthier lifestyles as they grow into womanhood. Phenomenal Women’s Health Inc. began to offer classes in etiquette, healthy relationships, health and wellness, finances, body image, dressing for success, and self-esteem at Fayette County Public Library on Saturdays, beginning March 5 through April 23, 2011. Even a book club for the girls was started!


We have successfully completed the Loving Me Program in three counties, Fayette, Fulton and Coweta Counties. Families have traveled from Alpharetta, Lawrenceville, Douglasville, McDonough, Tucker, and Stone Mountain, just to attend our program. Our vision is to expand into after-school programs in other counties and towns.


One of our initiatives for Loving Me program is called “I DEMAND RESPECT - LOVING ME”. With this initiative we want teens to demand and give respect to one another. By respecting themselves, bullying and teen date violence can be eradicated. Purple armbands with the slogan I DEMAND RESPECT - LOVING ME will be distributed as a constant reminder of loving one’s self! To further our outreach in the prevention of bullying, the Loving Me program has started the Loving Me Joy Pledge Club which equips students who want to make a change in their schools by taking a stand against bullying. The name of the club was in honor of Violinist Joy Black who was bullied mercilessly from elementary school through high school. For further information please contact us of how to start a Joy Club in your school.

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Why is it that children spend 40 hours of a week in school vs the time they spent at home? Typically, when they are at home, most children are left to television, social media, or other children. Provided that this is the common case, most children learn about life from their interactions outside of the home, yet in the current school system, there is no curriculum that teaches our children social interactions or the fundamental life skills that are needed to sustain them throughout their life.


This becomes a vicious cycle where these unresolved issues perpetuate those young girls until they become grown women. It’s no wonder that grown women then suffer from the same issues that are prevalent in these young girls.


Phenomenal Women's Health, Inc. is an organization that affects the complete lifecycle of women from their youth to their adult years. PWH, Inc. is an organization that recognizes the impact of how unresolved issues of young women become a way of living in their later years of life.

Our Framework

FACT: 41.8% of girls aged 11-14 in Georgia are bullied that result in physical fights.

Most issues with bullying can be traced back to a lack of respect for authority figures, such as teachers, parents, law enforcement, etc. These issues can ultimately be traced back to a lack of respect for oneself.


Children that are byproducts of loveless-ness tend to embody a lack of respect and love for themselves and that exhibit areas of it can be seen in their dress, personal expression, deterioration of their body, poor nutrition, fitness, seclusion, engaging in unhealthy relationships, sexting, anxiety/depression, and drugs to name a few etc. These facets are traced back to a lack of self-awareness. Loving Me attempts to eradicate the low image of our youth through practical application and learning of loving oneself.


By affecting the psyche of the youth in this age range who are more vulnerable and susceptible to criticism, we are able to transform a generation one child at a time. By teaching them that love of self is important and that the uniqueness that they carry is invaluable and important; we are able to recondition the mindset of the girls through intentional exercises that force them to interact with other girls, & participate in exercises that impact them year round.



An evolving 8-week long program that focuses on critical development and life skills for girls, 11 to 15 years of age. The Loving Me program, prepares these young women for living healthy successful lifestyles, through a variety of activities such as finance, health and wellness, nutrition, self-esteem, body image, book club, career development, introduction to STEM careers, the arts and etiquette, just to name a few of the topics. These activities are designed to provide opportunities for them to learn about and embrace healthier lifestyles as they grow in to womanhood. We also stress the prevention of teen date violence and bullying.


The Loving Me program started an initiative called “I DEMAND RESPECT LOVING ME”. This initiative stresses the importance of loving and respecting themselves in order to respect others. Our future program pursuits will continue to encompass the development of strong community leaders in our neighborhoods.


The measure of success in any program is always gaged by the results and lasting impact. Over the years our girls have gone to ivy league schools and have majored in pre-med, marine biology, engineering, education, and pre-law.  Many of our girls have also gone on to become successful entrepreneurs in many fields of business.  Our program statistics show the following:

  • 100 percent of parents participating in the survey said their daughters appeared to be more confident.

  • 81.8 percent of parents saw a positive difference in their daughters.

  • 100 percent parents said they would want their child to return to the program

  • Overall success rating 99 percent


The attendees of the Loving Me program excel in school and extracurricular activities. They participate in volunteering opportunities and prove to be leaders in their schools and community. The impact of the Loving Me program exceeds the time commitment and resources that are invested in making the program a success. Whenever we change the face of one girl, we impact generations to come.

Loving Me Phenomenally with Endless Possibilities is a subsidiary of Phenomenal Women’s Health, Inc.

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