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Stepping Out

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide service to our communities with elegance, humility, and grace. It is to stride towards excellence in our everyday lives with wisdom and confidence. We provide tools to assist our young ladies with their personal, college, and career goals. This sisterhood was created through mentoring, education, and the teaching of self-love that is strong and Godly; that encourages us to click our heels because there is no place like success.

For young ladies 17 through college

Our Vision

-To promote a sisterhood among young inspiring women who want to make positive changes in the world

-To teach the participants self-love and appreciation the true beauty of their own inner being that God has given them.

-To provide educational forums to promote personal and career development.

-To provide workshops to develop effective communication and relationship skills.

-To determine and develop participants gifts and skills so they can put their best selves forward in the world

-To provide leadership conferences to create emerging young female leaders in our communities

-To develop life, career, and fiscal skills to create a successful confident woman

-To provide college prep workshops

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